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Commercial Lighting

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 17% of all electricity used for commercial buildings in the U.S. is for lighting.  Improvement in energy efficiency is important. New innovations in lighting technologies, particularly LED lighting, have helped to reduce amount of electricity consumed.

There are seven main types of lighting currently in use:

  • Incandescent
  • Fluorescent (standard)
  • Fluorescent (compact)
  • High-intensity discharge
  • Halogen
  • LED (light-emitting diode)
  • Other

Each has its advantages.  Incandescent renders colors so they look the same as they do in daylight.  Fluorescent lamps are more energy efficient and have longer life than incandescent.  High intensity discharge lamps create a very bright light, good for high-ceiling spaces with open layouts such as department stores.  Halogens, a category of incandescent, produces a high -quality light with increased energy efficiency but are not commonly used for commercial lighting.  LEDs are highly efficient and durable directional lighting.  More and more high intensity, fluorescent, and incandescent lights are not being replaced with LED.

The “other” category includes germicidal lights, neon lights, and laser lights that are less commonly used.

Due to increased governmental rules for energy conservation, LED usage is increasing.  Choice Lighting provides all types of LED lighting suited for any particular need you may have.  We stock high bright LED lights for parking lots and other commercial lighting needs.

Residential Lighting

In selecting residential lighting, most people need fixtures for either recessed lighting, floor lamps, corner lamps, some type of perimeter lighting or a combination of these.

LED lighting is the best bet for recessed lighting due to its great color for living room lighting, its energy efficiency, and its lasting ability.

Flush or semi-flush fixtures that fit against the ceiling or hang just below are used in residential homes.

Track or cable lighting is also popular for perimeter lighting. The final touches for lighting include your floor lamps or table lighting.

Different brightness and types of lighting may be desired for kitchens and bathrooms.  At Choice Lighting, we can help you select exactly the type of lighting you need, especially those made with LED technology for energy efficiency.  With the expanding availability of LED bulbs and fixtures, these options can create a beautiful environment in your home at low energy efficient costs.  Call us now!

Electrical Hardware

There are many lighting components that are required for your lighting choice to operate correctly.  These parts normally come with your lighting purchase, but they may need replacement at some time.

If you are looking for lamp sockets, cord switches, fixture replacement lens refractors, gaskets, adapters, and much more, Choice Lighting can find the right part for you!

Our experienced lighting technicians and sales staff know what electrical parts and supplies you might need for the lighting system you have whether it is a lamp, recessed light, commercial parking light, undercabinet LED lighting, and more.

What we don’t have in stock, we will order for you.  Don’t waste time guessing at the electrical hardware you need, only to find it doesn’t fit or work.  Call us now!

Bulbs and Fixtures

Choice Lighting has a large stock of new and replacement bulbs, but if we don’t have the specific one you need, we can get it for you quickly.  We carry all older model incandescant and fluorescent models, but our specialty is now providing the lighting supplies for conversion to LED lighting.

In compliance with the increasing court rulings in favor of LED lighting, Choice Lighting offers expert advise on how to convert to LED and what type of LED equipment is needed dependent on the project.

We carry the LED lighting supplies for commercial lighting needs such as the parking lot lights that traditional has a high utility and electrical consumption cost.


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