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SATCO Products

Choice Lighting Supply carries SATCO lighting products including light bulbs of all types, components and hardware.   In compliance with the governmental trend to requiring LED lighting, Choice Lighting carries most SATCO LED products for new construction or retrofit projects.

Listed here are primarily LED light bulbs. Fluorescent and incandescant lighting products as well as a wide variety of components and hardware are also available but may not be listed here.  Call or visit our store for exact product information.


LED A-Type Lamps

SATCO LED A-Type Lamps

LED A-Type Lamps utilize A-shape light bulbs.  They replace common incandescent bulbs with the same output of light.

LED light bulbs come in equivalent output of light as incandescent, but are far more economical.  Compared to incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs use 80% less energy for the same amount of light.  They also last 25 times longer which significantly reduces replacement costs.

See SATCO A-Type Products.

LED Candle


LED Candle light bulbs replace the traditional incandescent candle lightbulbs that are shaped like a flame from a candle.

These are typically used for more decorative type of lighting such as chandeliers, desk lamps, or wall lights.

There are many types of styles and bases available although they all have the standard “flame” type shape to resemble real candles.


LED CFL Bulb Replacements

SATCO LED CFL Replacement Bulb

Choice Lighting carries many SATCO LED bulbs to replace the traditional CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) bulbs used in the past.

Originally, fluorescent light bulbs were designed to repalce the incandescnet light bulbs, but with the advent of the LED type of light, fluorescent bulbs are now being replaced.

LED CFL replacement bulbs come in all sizes and shapes.


LED Fixtures & Retrofits

SATCO LED Fixtures and Retrofits

Choice Lighting is a dealer for SATCO lighting fixtures and retrofits.

Flush mounted fixtures for use with LED bulbs can replace the older incandescant fixtures used in previous years.

Select from a wide variety of fixtures and retrofits including round, square or rectangular shapes and different wattages.

LED Filament Bulb

SATCO LED Filament Bulb

LED Filament Lamps use LED filament bulbs which are designed to replace and resemble the incandescen light bulbs commonly use in previous years.

These are generally clear bulbs (although sometimes colored) with visible filaments.  Generally selected for aesthetic and light distribution purposes, LED filament bulbs are much more efficient.

LED Fluorescent Replacement Bulbs

SATCO LED CFL Replacement Bulb

When it’s time to replace the fluorescent bulbs, SATCO LED fluorescent replacement products has the bulb you need.

Available in a variety of sizes, no ballast or external driver is required.

Just take out the old bulb and insert the new LED replacement one.  It’s easy to upgrade from fluorescent to LED.

LED Globe Lamp

SATCO LED Globe Lamp

SATCO LED Globe Bulbs come in all sizes, shapes, wattages, and glass color.

The variety of globe bulbs available allow the replacement of bulbs in globe lamps to be easy and convenient.

Whether you want a dimmable blub, shatterproof options or just a longer life, SATCO globe bulbs give you a choice.

LED GU10 Lamps


A LED GU10 is the LED retrofit energy saving replacement for halogen lamps.

Just like its halogen counterpart, it has two “legs” so you can easily install into halogen lamps.

SATCO provides a wide variety of LED GU10 bulbs so you can purchase bulbs to emit different shades of white as well as different beam angles and widths.

LED HID Replacement

SATCO LED Hid Replacement Bulb

SATCO LED HID Replacement bulbs provides energy savings.  High Intensity Discharge lamps (HID) uses gas to produce light, are more fragile, and require 10-25 secords to ignite.

Using LED replacements for HID bulbs are convenient for aplications that are subject to frequent on-off cycling as LED lamps turn on instantly.  LED lamps also last for a much longer period of time.

LED Miniature Lights

SATCO LED Miniature Lights

SATCO LED Miniature lights replace Halogen G4 bulbs.  Halogen G4 bulbs are a 12V bulb usually used for under-cabinet, RVCamper, or decorative lighting.

G4’s are small with a relatively high output using 12V input.  However, LED miniatures can give similar outputs while consuming only 5 watts.

LED Miniature lights are great in areas of little space when battery usage is a consideration.

LED MR Lamps


SATCO LED MR (or multi-faceted reflector) bulbs can replace MR Halogen light bulbs and use significantly less watts for the same light. They generally have a 15 – 45 degree beam angle.

For example, an 8 watt MR 16 reflector bulb like the one shown here, are direct replacements for 75 watt Halogen lamps, but only use 8 watts.  These are also dimmable.



SATCO LED PAR (parabolic aluminized reflector) lamps are used where a focused and narrow beam of light is needed.

Most have a range of a 45 to 90 degree beam angle compared to the MR lamp which has a beam angle of 15 to 45 degree beam angle, or the BR lamp which exceeds a 90 degree beam light (more of a floodlight).

LED Reflector Lights

SATCO LED Reflector Lights

SATCO LED Reflector Bulbs are generally a BR Lamp with a beam spread of greater than 105.

Resistant to harsh weather conditions, they are great for use as a flood light for indoor or outdoor use.

They are very small, compact yet provides quality light.  They are dimmable and directional.

LED Modules


SATCO LED Modules allow re-connecting to allow custom lighting patterns to fit the requirements of the any project.

These are used for outdoor patio, landscape or accent lighting as well as strip lighting in cabinets, bathroom.  They can be used for night or reading lights and more.

LED Cabinet & Cove

SATCO LED Cabinet Cove

SATCO LED Cabinet & Cove lighting is perfect for lighting under cabinet and coved ceilings in kitchens for ambient illumination.

These lights can add to decorative environments in rooms by providing a warm, gentle glow by shining down from under a cabinet or upward to the ceiling from coves.

Energy Star LED Products

SATCO Energy Star LED Products

SATCO products that have the Energy Star label have been certified by having met certain energy efficiency criteria.

See how the EPA establishes the specifications, based on key guiding principles, that Energy Star products meet.


Any questions or problems with a product?  Ask us and we are here to help you solve any issue.

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