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Product Brands

Choice Lighting Supply is a distributor for the following manufacturers.  We can order any product with quick delivery if we do not have it in our large inventory of stock.

SATCO Logo - Manufacturer of Lighting Supplies

SATCO is a premier supplier of a wide variety of lighting products. SATCO sells its brand of lighting products including light bulbs, hardware, glassware and electricl accessories through retailers such as Choice Lighting Supply in Modesto, CA.

SATCO is a privately owned business with warehouse distribution and sales locations throughout the United States.  SATCO product categories include fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, LED, HID and a huge variety of lighting fixtures, lamps and track lighting.  Its lighting and electrical components are sold for retail, residential, commercial, and manufacturing trade.  Whether you’re looking for desk lamps, surge protectors, or night lights, SATCO will have it.

Nuvo Lighting is a division and brand of SATCO that was lauched in 2005.  Nuvo Lighting products consist of 1500 new products that are well-designed lighting fixtures conceived by one of the most extensive R&D programs in the industry.  These products include the latest in LED technology for high efficiency lines. The Nuvo brand is now an industry leader in quality lightin fixtures.

Hygrade is another brand of SATCO acquired in 2008.  Hygrade specializes in the high demand products of the commercial lighting industry consisting of products with high standards of energy efficiency and performance.  Low levels of mercury are utilized in Hygrade lamps and passes the Federal Toxicity Charactersitics Leaching Procedure.  They are classified as lead-free to meet the green building and energy reduction requirements of construction and maintenance industries.

The Good Housekeeping Research Institute awarded the “Best of the Test” award to SATCO in 2008 and, in 2009, name “Energy Partner of the Year” in the lighting manufacturing category.

Westgate Manufacturing

WESTGATE Manufacturing strives to provide lighting products with the best quality at the best competitive price as well as the most professional service and delivery in the industry.

They offer 16 lines of lighting products and electrical hardware that have the highest level of performance and quality.  All orders are shipped the same day by noon from the Los Angeles area in the City of Vernon where their central warehouse facility is located.

All WESTGATE products are backed by the WESTGATE warranty.  We are positive you will be satisfied with the quality, service and price you receive from WESTGATE.

WESTGATE dedicates themselves to providing not only the best products, but the best services by reducing defects, back orders and shipping errors.  In combination with their development and production of state of the art electrical and lighting products, WESTGATE has grown to an industry leader in less than a decade.  Try WESTGATE products now.


ESL Vision Lighting Company Logo

ESL Vision provides a unique and patented installation approach to solid-state lighting design. They are a manufacturer that produces complete lines of efficient LED lighting solutions for any new lighting, retrofit or replacement project.

ESL Vision manufactures LED lighting for commercial, industrial and residential across a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

Also offered are emergency options and a wide range of controls.  LED solutions are provided  that address a wide range of applications.

ESL Vision’s products save time and money. These products eliminate many of the hassles of installation.  Energy costs are reduced, and end users are qualified for various utility company incentives and rebates.

Keystone Technologies

Founded more than 75 years ago by Harold Fox and Marvin spielman, Keystone Technologies is now in their third generation of family leadership.  Keystone is focused on the future, and continues to evolve with the changing demands of the lighting business.

Originally, in 1945, it began with ballasts.  Fluorescent lighting was just becoming an alternative to incandescent.

Then, with the advent of LED technology, LED drivers became popular. Keystone was able to apply years of expertise in ballast manufacturing to quickly develop high quality drivers for a wide variety of applications.

This led to Keystone producing their own modules and light engines, so they could customize complete LED systems to meed individual customer demands.  Keystone is now a primary supplier for OEM accounts with diverse requirements.

LED boards led to LED tubes, and Keystone’s LED lamp business was created.  Plug & play and ballast bypass technologies has established Keyston as a leading resource for LED lamp technology.

Keystone continues to focus and stay at the forefront of new technology.



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We carry many of the products from our wholesale manufacturers in stock.  If we don’t have the item you need, we can get it for you quickly.

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